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No company, private or public organization escapes the processing of personal data. Their collection occurs in all sectors of activity and on many occasions: when browsing websites, in human resources management, during promotional offers or contests, etc. The legislation on personal data, guided by the desire to protect consumers, is constantly evolving. It entails numerous obligations in the processing of data, sanctioned by fines which can be very high. Arénaire lawyers assist you and advise you on how to bring your company into compliance with the laws on personal data, and in particular the GDPR.

Arénaire Avocats données personnelles

Arénaire Avocats, lawyers in personal data: at the forefront of an evolving field

The collection and processing of personal data are governed by French and European laws:

Our lawyers closely follow the evolution of personal data law. We integrate these legal obligations into a global strategy of legal counsel adapted to your activity, your economic constraints, and your needs.

Arénaire Avocats données personnelles

Legal counsel and contracts on personal data

As part of our legal consultancy, we carry out assessments and audits of the personal data management measures you already have in place. We analyse possible loopholes and provide you with precise and practical recommendations for compliance with the legislation and the GDPR.

We assist in the drafting of all texts and acts related to the collection and processing of personal data:

  • Drafting of personal data management charters and policies for the processing of cookies and other tracers.
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to the processing of personal data, on behalf of the data controller and the data processor.

Formalities and controls by the CNIL

Arénaire Avocats advises and assists you in all the declarative formalities related to the collection and processing of personal data with the CNIL.

In the event of an inspection by the CNIL, or other authorised authority, and of a sanction procedure, we assist you in defending your rights and interests and in ensuring that the legislation on personal data is properly applied.

Training and awareness-raising

Following the adage “Prevention is better than cure“, we intervene upstream with companies and public establishments, via internal training. The objective: to make teams aware of their responsibilities and to raise awareness of the challenges of personal data protection among all the concerned operators.

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Are you looking for a lawyer to bring your business, your website, and your operations into compliance with the GDPR? Are you subject to a control and/or sanction procedure by the CNIL and need the assistance of a lawyer? Contact us, we will discuss your needs and how we can help you solve your problem.

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