Why choose
Arénaire Avocats?

Founded in 2011 in Paris, Arénaire law firm is dedicated to intellectual property law. We protect and defend the creations, innovations and trademarks of large companies, innovative SMEs, public institutions, and creators.

We have also developed an expertise in information technologies to assist you in the challenges of today and tomorrow.

A law firm that makes sense of the law

Since the creation of the Arénaire law firm in 2011, we have constantly enriched our know-how and our knowledge to provide you with a tailor-made service, combining listening, field work and a perfect mastery of the legal context. Our watchwords? Expertise, pragmatism, and dedication!

Our approach is based on five pillars:

  • LISTENING: we target your needs down to the last detail.
  • MEASURING THE ISSUES: we go beyond a mere legal analysis to assess with you all the practical consequences of a case, starting with the economic and financial impact on your business.
  • EXPERTISE: each case is generally handled by two people, supported if necessary by our network of experts, in order to optimise the complementarity of skills.
  • PRAGMATISM: we define concrete action plans with our clients and support them in making them operational.
  • LONG-TERM SUPPORT: we put all our energy into serving your company, while maintaining a strategic and global vision of the issues.
Arénaire law firm relationships with clients

Our values

If our working method is effective, it is because it is based on a strong mind-set and strong values.

Commitment to give you the best of ourselves, throughout our collaboration.

Curiosity, attention and listening: understanding who you are, what is the DNA of your company and feeding off your intellectual wealth, to advise you and defend you effectively.

Adapting, finding new legal solutions to new situations: we constantly exercise our creativity to provide you with tailor-made counsel.

To be transparent and clear in our analyses and recommendations, even the most advanced legal ones, so that each case is handled in a pragmatic spirit and a climate of mutual trust.

Because a case is never won only by the law firm: It is a collaboration between legal expertise and knowledge of your business, your trademark, your brand, and your products.

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Arénaire law firm is at the service of companies and designers based in Paris, in the Ile de France region, but also throughout France and abroad.

Our expertise has been recognised and acclaimed for many years

We are regularly ranked among the best lawyers in the field of intellectual property law, in particular in design law, copyright and trademark law. Each year, Arénaire is distinguished by the Legal 500, the World Trademark Review, the magazine Les Décideurs and the magazine Le Point.

Arénaire Avocats réseau d'experts en France et à l'international

A network of national and international experts

We are surrounded by specialists and experts in order to offer you a complete and qualitative service. Our partners and correspondents shed light on practices in their sectors (for example, in economic matters for the evaluation of damages) or on the protection of intellectual property in their countries. Their contributions can be a valuable asset in turning a case around.

Specialist lawyers in various countries around the world, bailiffs, survey companies, art professionals, forensic experts specialising in art and the valuation of intangible assets, investigators, antique dealers, etc. We rely on their skills to go beyond a mere legal analysis.

This network is strengthened year after year and extends beyond our borders. More than twenty regular correspondents, in Europe, China, Russia and the rest of the world, support us in the resolution of the most complex cases. We are thus able to assist you in transnational cases.

Arénaire Avocats réseau d'experts en France et à l'international

Arénaire: why this name?

The Arénaire is the French name of The Sand Reckoner, a work by Archimedes in which he attempts to determine the maximum number of grains of sand that could be contained in the universe.

This demonstration, which evokes the richness of human intelligence, inspired the name of our firm since it reflects our approach: to go beyond the limits in order to help entrepreneurs and businessman defend their creations, their trademarks, their intangible assets and their commercial dynamics.