Our Story

Our law firm was built on the meeting of people who share the same objectives and values. Over the years, the Arénaire Avocats team has grown with expert and complementary profiles.

Pierre Massot: founder of Arénaire Avocats

Intellectual property law crystallises what has always driven me: a passion for debate and an insatiable curiosity. Navigating complex and constantly evolving legal rules, discovering new fields, understanding new innovations or what makes an artistic work original, simply explaining the complexity of a mechanism or defending the mysterious beauty of a simple design, this is what spurs me on a daily basis.

I became a lawyer out of passion. I love helping others, defending them, getting them out of tricky situations. Finding the right argument, the right piece of evidence in a case, chiselling the right legal reasoning and striking the right chord with words to convince, all this can be jubilant!

After several experiences in renowned Parisian law firms, I decided to set up my own practice. I wanted to practice my profession in a free way and to defend the values I hold dear. I founded the law firm Arénaire Avocats in 2011.

During my very first position as lawyer associate, I met Thibault Lentini. We have always got on well together and since then we have never stopped exchanging and discussing law, history, sociology, literature and what drives us on a daily basis. It is a continuous intellectual richness! When it seemed necessary to me to make Arénaire grow, I thought of him. We share the same values and the same vision of the legal business. Our complementary expertise and our common values are the strength of our association.

Thibault Lentini: the deployment of Arénaire Avocats

After having been an associate of a criminal lawyer, then an associate in a large business law firm, I joined Arénaire Avocats in 2016.

I had the pleasure of working with Pierre Massot more than ten years before in a well-known industrial property firm, when I was an intern and Pierre was an associate. We had always kept in touch and a relationship of intellectual complicity and trust had developed. I knew that our common vision of the profession and our shared values would enable us to build a solid firm.

I define myself as a practical lawyer. I work in both counselling and litigation in all areas of intellectual property. I have developed a particular expertise in criminal and customs law on counterfeiting, as well as in matters related to intellectual property, such as the Evin law and communication. I also continue to work on more general matters, in civil and commercial litigation, as well as in criminal law. I am committed to keeping a foot in the door of concrete general litigation, which allows me to have a good knowledge of the jurisdictions and to maintain my legal culture.

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I teach civil procedure and intellectual property law. I was a lecturer in civil procedure at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas and I teach at the Paris Bar School (in civil procedure) and at the University (in civil procedure and intellectual property).

Finally, I am the co-author of the JurisClasseur booklet No. 7531, entitled “Customs and counterfeiting – The powers of customs in the fight against counterfeiting and the proceedings initiated following customs intervention”, published in September 2019.

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Arénaire law firm is at the service of companies and designers based in Paris, in the Ile de France region, but also throughout France and abroad.

Équipe Arénaire Avocats

The Arénaire Avocats team: complementarity and harmony

Over the years, our team has grown to include experts in intellectual property law and new technologies. The profiles of each of them are very varied. This is what makes the richness of Arénaire Avocats: differences and complementarity within a united team!

  • Louis Louembe first joined Arénaire Avocats in 2014 as a legal counsel, while preparing his PHD on intellectual property and international law. Admitted to the Paris Bar one year later, he joined the firm as an associate lawyer. His strengths? His ability to go further and further in order to provide a complete and objective analysis of cases. When you have a PHD in law, you don’t change your ways!
  • In 2016, it was Marie Dutheillet-Lamonthezie’s turn to join Arénaire Avocats as a legal counsel. Always a source of proposals, she handles cases with enthusiasm, energy, and unparalleled organisation. Her sense of commitment is a driving force in moving projects forward.
  • Then, in 2017, Mythili Thaya joined the team, first as a legal counsel, then as lawyer. Rigorous and dynamic, Mythili does not hesitate to take up challenges. The latest one? Passing the San Francisco bar, in parallel with her work at the firm!
  • Julie Bernaud-Sene joined the team in 2020 and brings a solid expertise in complex litigation and intellectual property rights management. Her wealth of experience, her ability to handle several tasks at once and to intervene effectively in emergency situations make her a real asset.
  • In 2022, Sanaa Besseghir joined Arénaire Avocats as a trainee, then as a lawyer. Dynamic and meticulous, she invests herself with passion in every case.
  • Héloïse Thomas joined the team in 2023, first as a trainee, then as a lawyer. A versatile adviser and litigator, she handles cases with precision and rigour.
Équipe Arénaire Avocats