From traditional advertising to digital marketing, via influencers and social networks, we provide legal counsel and assist our clients in all their communications and promotional campaigns. Advertising law is a cross-disciplinary legal field at the crossroads of several areas: commercial law, competition law, consumer law and intellectual property law. Advertising law is constantly evolving and the line between what is allowed and what is prohibited is sometimes thin. How to reduce the risks? What are the best practices? How to defend yourself against unscrupulous competitors? The lawyers at Arénaire Avocats have developed a solid expertise in advertising law, both in legal counsel and in litigation.

Arénaire Avocats droit de la publicité

Arénaire lawyers: legal counsel on advertising law

Our lawyers provide legal counsel and assist you on all your communication operations, in particular:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Promotion of products or services
  • Development of packaging
  • One-off promotions: sales, private sales, liquidations
  • Promotion of alcoholic drinks
  • Regulated use of the French language
  • Comparative advertising
  • Misleading advertising
  • Contests and lotteries
  • Influencers and digital marketing

Advertising of wines, Champagnes, and spirits, which is regulated by the provisions of the French Public Health Code and the Evin law, is an area in which we frequently act for our clients. In order to share our expertise, we have organised a webinar on this subject.

Arénaire Avocats droit de la publicité

Arénaire lawyers: negotiating and drafting contracts in advertising law

Our expertise in advertising law extends to the negotiation and drafting of all contracts related to the communication and promotion of products and services:

  • Contracts for the commissioning of advertising works
  • Advertising agency contracts
  • Public companies advertising contracts
  • Rules for contests
  • Sponsorship, partnership, and patronage contracts
  • Contracts with influencers
  • Contracts with ambassadors

Arénaire lawyers: advertising litigation

Our lawyers assist and represent you in all litigation relating to advertising law:

  • Litigation with the French competent administrations and authorities: DGCCRF, Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité – ARPP, etc.
  • Disputes with competitors or third parties: illegal comparative advertising, misleading commercial practices, use of a third party’s image in advertising, etc.

We develop a global strategy of attack or defence, evaluating the risks and chances of success in a transparent way. The Arénaire Avocats team accompanies you from the pre-litigation phase to the resolution of the dispute.

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Arénaire law firm is at the service of companies and designers based in Paris, in the Ile de France region, but also throughout France and abroad.

Arénaire Avocats: lawyers in advertising law

Arénaire Avocats handles all aspects of advertising law for large groups, SMEs, communication agencies, advertisers, etc.:

  • Drafting of contracts between a brand and its influencers
  • Validation of products and packaging
  • Validation of advertising campaigns
  • Validation of press releases
  • Validation of digital communication plans

Do you need counsel on how to legally secure an advertising campaign or a promotional offer? Are you looking for a lawyer who can represent you in an advertising law dispute? Do you have questions about advertising regulations for alcoholic beverages? Then contact us! We will discuss your issues and how we can help you resolve them.

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